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Healthy Hospital: Doctor Dash

Casual Joy Games
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This is the healthiest hospital simulation game in the world!

This is the healthiest hospital simulation game in the world!

Work in Healthy Hospital and be a hospital manager who heals and saves people. In this game, you can design, build and maintain hospital facilities, manage the medical staff and build your medical center.

Arrange beds, and arrange doctors in corresponding departments to diagnose and treat patients. Here, you will cure more and more patients and contribute to the medical cause of the world.

Game Features:
- Build the hospital: From the doctor's office, and the consultation room to the treatment center, and the laboratory, you need to design and build it yourself! Expand your hospital, upgrade its equipment, and heal more people!
- Upgrade equipment: How to save the suffering people? Develop more devices to help various patients regain their health. What if there are more and more patients? Upgrade hospital equipment to treat them efficiently.
- Challenging levels: There are hundreds of different levels in the game, each with varying difficulty and features. You need to come up with a strategy to pass the level according to the level. Complete challenges to unlock more surprises.
- Well-crafted content: The background music of the game is relaxing and enjoyable, and the graphics are designed by multiple designers. Every detail is also carefully designed!

Plan your strategy and become the best in this hospital simulation game by designing, building, and managing your hospital to create the most efficient health center in the world!